About Omnivox

Omnivox is a Quebec product created by Skytech Communications in close collaboration with the Education network. Omnivox is made for secondary, college as well as university level educational establishments.

The Omnivox platform allows for the centralization under one roof of all the computer services available in an establishment. As the main point of secure access to an establishment's computer services, Omnivox:

  • Facilitates access and learning of computerized services by students and employees
  • Facilitates diffusion of information of particular or general interest to the persons of your establishment

The Omnivox Communities

In addition to offering a unique and secure access to all of the computer services in your establishment, Omnivox allows you to create Communities where collaboration is at the forefront. An Community is a group of persons defined according to your needs: a department, an administrative service, a committee, a board of governors, a work group, etc.

Omnivox, supported by the most recent technologies, allows the Community to take shape and gives it tools, that are to date unequalled, to communicate and exchange information with. The Communities enable the diffusion of communiqués, sharing of documents and useful links as well as the exchange of ideas on discussion forums.

The Communities favour and facilitate interactions between members of different groups in your establishment. The Communities will contribute to making your intranet popular within your establishment and to solidify its vocation as a centralized source of information and collaboration.

For more information on Omnivox, contact Skytech Communications.